Banjo Kazooie Grunty Revenge

Banjo Kazooie Grunty Revenge Grunty, her evil witch, stole Kazooie and came back in time, stopping Banjo once and for all. Mumbo, see thi...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Banjo Kazooie Grunty Revenge

Banjo Kazooie Grunty Revenge
Grunty, her evil witch, stole Kazooie and came back in time, stopping Banjo once and for all. Mumbo, see this, send Banjo in time to save Kazooie and beat Grunty again. Will Banjo for Game Boy Advance take notes? Read our review, BK: GR is reproduced with GBA SP.

The game begins with Spiral Mountain, and Banjo meets Mumbo's grandfather Bozzeye. After finding 10 notes, Banjo scored his first hit and hit the bag, which enabled him to open JiggyWiggy Temple and start his journey. Banjo was also told about Oracle Jinjo, and if all jinjos are retained, it will provide Banjo clues and good doses. Finally, after seeing JiggyWiggy, Banjo is heading to the first of the six levels...

Starting the journey
The first floor, Cliff Farm, has an extraordinary Banjo style.
This control is ideal for Banjo's 2d version: banjo jumping, packaging beats, jumping and perfect scrolling.
There are some interesting characters to talk to (the hen has a good comment on jumping in the Banjo bag), the level is high, and it takes time to find the last note. It's fun, you barely realize that you have been playing in GBA for a while. This is an interesting level, it makes you realize that it is definitely a banjo game, it is here. The lack of 3D requires some habits, but after some jiggies, controls and games are well learned.
The rest of the levels
Regarding the level, the horizontal design seems to have improved at each level until the final level of Freezy Furnace is at its best. The level is not necessarily difficult, although one or two jiggies are extremely frustrating (ie the port, Banjo must learn the impact of the jump, then go to it through the annoying thorns, run backwards and jump up, then press another switch Then go upstairs, turn and jump to jiggy in less than 15 seconds. In general, jiggies can be reached quickly and easily, and it is not difficult to find. Even if the missed note causes an hour of frustration, the notes are easy because the player has to go back to each stage. Each level of mini-games is fun, but it's easy and provides a nice addition. All of this can be played on the leisure machines in the port, although this fun won't last that long.
Unfortunately, Rare has no more interconnection levels. In fact, the only cross is the jiggy in the whole game, which requires the transformation of the tank, which can only be achieved at the last level. Maybe they want to eliminate long walks in 2D, but it won't be painful to include more content. Although they have not been used for a long time in some areas, the transformation is very powerful and well done.

So where did they go wrong?
The three main complaints about this game are: it's too short, too simple, and absolutely no repeat value. The game may take 6 to 11 hours initially, and once it is over, it may be undone again in about 3 hours. Although Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge is fun, he will be very fine for the second time. Unlike the similar products in the Nintendo 64, this banjo is excellent for the first time, but it is boring for the second time. It's almost like it's designed like this, with almost no players playing again (no time traps, nothing). The only wish for repetition is that the player does not see an incomplete end (actually better than the end of 100%). People have to wonder if it is designed for a short film in flight, not directly.
Six levels are not enough. Once the player is familiar with the matter, the level will be very fast. They are very interesting and short. 2D is not difficult to get used to, even if you can't jump to the next edge, you will feel frustrated because it is too high. It may be the only obstacle to 2D games. It's hard to know when and when you can't jump to the area next to you, 90% of the time you can't, but you did it. In addition, you will die a lot in this game. The health is very fast and you will die by trying to get almost all the jiggies offered in this game. From frozen lakes to thorns, death is common. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because death has little effect except to restart the area.
Stop N Swop?
Eggs and ice keys don't appear in the distance. In fact, based on our knowledge, we can find secrets in Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge. Since it's the basic element of other games, unfortunately nothing turns into this: it's not even a succinct observation. Although this happened on time, we are still waiting for the secret of this game, which will allow us to continue playing and exploring. Unfortunately, we don't have it. You played once, unfortunately, nothing can wake up or even be a mystery. Very disappointing, from the mysterious source of most video games in the past decade.

Bottom line:
If you are a big fan of Banjo, like the Odd Witchcraft project, this game is a great addition to your collection and is worthy of the name Banjo. Unfortunately, it became a collector's project after the first game (or, at most, only the second and third games, which should not take too much time), but you are like us. Loyal fans, right? The game is very good, only killing him at all without repetition. In short: this Banjo mini game makes us want Banjo Threeie.

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